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Maps that Require a Quote
I charge $50 per hour for my skills, always adjusted for fractional time amounts. Please use the form below to provide me with information about the type of map(s) you need, and I will send you a quote based on the amount of time your map(s) will require. Once you have agreed to this fee, I will keep you updated with any changes about the pre-determined time and, if additional time is required, I will not proceed without your approval. For more complex maps, I will send you periodic previews of the work for your review.

Maps for a “Flat Fee”
These are smaller, simpler, grayscale or limited color maps, useful for invitations and announcements. They can be sized to fit into the layout you are using.

  • $25: 3.75″ x 5″; useful for showing the location of your business or event.
  • $75: 7.5″ x 10″; this option has space for more detail.

Once your map is ready and you are 100% satisfied, I will send you an invoice and will look forward to receiving your payment by check, made out to “Cynci Calvin – mapwiz”.

Questions or feedback?
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Quote Information Form
Please use the form below to provide me with details I need to determine your quote. Examples of the type of information I need are:

  • Is this a map for:
    • Directions to your home or to an event?
    • A competition course route?
    • A trip?
  • The map’s location: an address, a map URL, a link to a course route, the name of a trail or route, a .gpx file downloaded from your GPS device
  • Will your map be used on the internet or for print media or both?
  • If your map will be used for print media, what size is required?
  • When do you need the final map?
  • Anything else?
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